Clothing Rockabilly

Clothing Rockabilly

Clothing rockabilly typically channels styles worn by pin up and retro aficionados of the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s and even the 1970s. Bold leather styles, lace contrast, bright colors, ripped jeans, tattoos, colorful hair and Converse sneakers are just some of the many signature looks worn by a rockabilly fox or stud.

Picture in Flickr CC 2.0 by vivienofholloway
Dress by Vivien Of Holloway

Clothing rockabilly started off as a trend when the rock ‘n roll era of music began. It mixed together country and rock music, and once the music made a boom in the era, the clothing started to reflect it as well. Many rockabilly looks are seen as “punk” or “rebellious,” straying from the more innocent play suits, sweater vests and skirts of men and women worn during these eras. Sweater vests were covered up by leather jackets and pedal pusher capri pants were replaced with ripped jeans. As the clothing rockabilly trend evolved, tattoos, bright colored hair and piercings all worked their way into playing a prominent role in the rockabilly look.

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If you’re loving the clothing rockabilly styles, don’t worry. You don’t have to dig through thrift stores or vintage shops to find a vintage band t shirt or pair of perfectly ripped jeans or buttered up leather jacket. The style has made a comeback, so there are hundreds of stores across the internet that sell a variety of clothing rockabilly. Yvonne’s Inked Divas and Gents, Miss Hussy Clothing, Stop Staring Clothing, Sourpuss Clothing, Lolita Girl Clothing, Starlets and Harlets, Dismantled Fashions and Whirlingturban are just some of the most popular and widely recognized clothing rockabilly boutiques that are coveted by rockabilly lovers all around the world.

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Clothing rockabilly isn’t for one specific type of person. You don’t need to have piercings, tattoos or purple hair to jump into the era. Whether you’re young or “old,” petite or curvy, male or female, rockabilly is ideal for men and women everywhere. If you’ve got the confidence to pull off a leather jacket over a vintage band t shirt with studded accessories and your tattered Converse shoes, or if you love the thought of a skull-patterned fitted corset and skirt, you’re already all set for clothing rockabilly. Rock on and wear it with confidence!


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  • Clothing rockabilly leather styles, lace contrast, bright colors, ripped jeans, tattoos, colorful hair are just some of the many signature looks worn. And the dress in the picture looks much beautiful.

  • Cool style they have. Pin up styles with unique vintage dresses style make a great combination for clothing.

    Bill Graham