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Lili Cerise

Lili Cerise

Lili Cerise is a French boutique known for its exquisite fashion Handbags. Pin up girls and retro lovers all discover their clothing, accessories and handbags to be essentials to their wardrobe, incorporating the pieces into a wide variety of styles.

There are eight different lines of items in the Lili Cerise shop, each one named after an iconic pin up doll. For example, the “Betty” line incorporates eye-catching colors such as red, black, bright yellow and hot pink. Cat-eyed styles, anchors and sails, and swallow symbols are all used on some of these styles.

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There are all sorts of chic everyday shoulder bags available at Lili Cerise, the Clotilde model being one of the most popular and coveted. The secure closures and color varieties create a sturdy hold for all of your most precious items, with plenty of room for everything from cameras to diapers to shoes to wallets. The color availability ranges from light green to flashy pink to dark or light blue hues, so whether you bring it into the office or use it for a nice night out, there are shades available that can perfectly accentuate your look.

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Solid colored bags aren’t the only selection at the Lili Cerise shop. If you’re into bold prints, this is your place. Gun styles, Swiss crosses, anchors, four leaf clovers, and butterflies are just some of the styles you can find here. There are even wallet selections available, so if you’re looking for a money and card holder that perfectly matches your sassy pin up and retro style purse, you can find it here as well!

The prices range from anywhere between UK 90 and 160, so while many people may have a hard time committing to a steep price for a bag, every customer is satisfied because they receive a high quality handmade piece with uncompromised attention to detail and original style that is the perfect accent to their wardrobe.

While the website is done completely in French, it is incredibly user friendly and even if you don’t speak the language, it is simple navigation and you will be able to find precisely what you are looking for. The detailed photos and attention to detail simply speak for themselves.