Pin Up Girl Clothes

Pin Up Girl Clothes

Pin up girl clothes are all about personal style, retro themed looks, and fierce personality peeking through the threads. They’re not for the delicate or faint of heart, as pin up girl clothes tend to make quite the statement and rarely go unnoticed. Women of all ages, shapes and sizes find that pin up clothing is a great addition to their wardrobe, especially since they can combine modern styles with their love for the femininity of the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s.

Model: Steffi
H&M: Louisa Kunstmann, Photo: See2Feel
Outfit: Jungbluth Design

Pin up girl clothes consist of an incredibly broad range of styles. Sleek and sexy pencil skirts, ruffled and flowing lace poodle skirts, plunging halter tops, corset tops, fun and flirty playsuits, seamed nylons and pantyhose, and sky high stilettos are just some of the popular pieces incorporated into pin up girl clothes. Pin up looks are often seen on Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Bettie Page, and even Lucille Ball or June Cleaver.

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If you want to incorporate pin up girl clothes into your look, you don’t have to dig through your mother’s closet and you don’t have to spend hours in a thrift store digging through vintage goods, either. There are all sorts of online boutiques that sell pin up, vintage and retro clothes, some even with a little rockabilly flair and attitude. Modcloth, What Katie Did, Modemerr, Get Go Retro, and Poison Candy Fashion are just some of the most popular online boutiques that sell a variety of pin up girl clothes. For more of a rockabilly look, Tokyo Motor Grrrl, Dismantled Fashions and Rock Steady Clothing are likely to have exactly what it is you want.

Regardless of your age, size or body type, pin up girl clothes are designed for each and every woman. Rather than turning you into a copy of the woman next to you, the right pin up dress will flatter your natural assets and give you a look that is unique to you, your style and your body. You’ll feel confident, fabulous and sexy and your style will stop the onlookers dead in their tracks. If you want a style that enhances your beauty and gives you a look tailored to you, then pin up girl clothes are just what you need.

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