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Rockabellas are sassy, fearless and feminine women with an affinity for pin up, retro, rockabilly, psychobilly and burlesque styles. Focusing on the punk rock ‘n roll era of the 1950s, 1960s and even 1970s, rockabellas enjoy all things feminine and flirty, along with all things representative of rock music. Rockabellas love pulling out the frilly poodle skirt for a night on the dance floor, and they love sporting a leather jacket and some capri pants for a day at the races.

Rockabellas love standing out from the crowd. Whether it’s tattoos, piercings, brightly colored hair, funky glasses or a stand-out pair of pantyhose, they’re not afraid to express themselves with fearless style and individuality. When it comes to rockabellas, the bolder, the better.

If you love the style of rockabellas and want to add a bit of their style into your wardrobe, there are all sorts of online boutiques you can check out that mix pin up, retro, rockabilly and psychobilly styles to provide rockabellas with the perfect components for creating an outfit. Monkey Wrench Clothing, The Atomic Boutique, and Poison Candy Fashion are some of the most popular boutiques that mix rockabilly, psychobilly, retro and pin up styles together. For more of a retro racer theme, check out Tokyo Motor Grrrl.

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Looking to add a little military inspiration to your outfit? Add in some red white and blues, some anchor styles and sailor jerry sparrows and styles with Lucky Diva and Pony Maedchen, two shops that specialize in military inspired dresses, jackets and other clothing items.

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The best part of rockabellas and their style is that it suits virtually any woman, regardless of her age, race, or size. Whether you’re petite or plus sized, rockabellas clothing is designed to enhance your natural assets rather than cover up flaws and try to turn you into a carbon copy of the girl standing right next to you. It’s about confidence and individuality, freedom of expression and happiness. The final touch to a rockabellas outfit is to swipe on some bright red lipstick and black cat-eye liner, strap on some sassy stiletto heels and grab a clutch for your handbag. Don’t forget your fierce smile!