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Ecouture by Lund: Fashion Forward and Environmentally Friendly

Ecouture by Lund: Fashion Forward and Environmentally Friendly

Danish designer, Johanne Helger Lund, leads her fashion brand, Ecouture by Lund, with passion and responsibility.


Her creative designs are boho-chic combined with the presence of 1950′s and 1960′s retro fashion. Her line is taken to the next level by creating eco-friendly clothing under socially responsible working conditions. Take a look at this talented designer and her web-based clothing shop from Denmark:

Johanne is a self-taught dressmaker with extensive experience as a film and costume designer for theatre, television and film. As the daughter of an actress and musician, she was raised by creative minds, and her inspiration from a young age has carried her to a successful fashion career. In fact, Ecouture’s Facebook fanbase is one of the largest and most loyal in the Danish fashion industry.

Every piece in her store is obviously vintage-inspired, but it is within Johanne’s collection of dresses and skirts where pinup girls will find the ode to retro fashion they love. These nostalgic garments are beautifully crafted with carefully placed details and accents that make her clothing special and unique. The cut of her dresses and skirts pair well with classic ballet flats or peep toe high heels. If you need a break from clean lines and strong silhouettes, ECouture also masters the mysterious, playful and romantic nature of gypsy-like apparel and accessories.

Constructing clothing through sustainable and organic materials is on the rise in the fashion industry, but Johanne is seriously dedicated to respecting the environment. The natural fabrics used in Ecouture clothing, like cotton, hemp, flax, wool and silk, are endorsed by the Swiss IMO, Swedish KRAV and the Dutch Control Union. It is admirable this line is producing beautifully crafted, comfortable and feminine garments that have a good return to the environment.

The clothes from this shop are high quality, and you will be delighted to own a piece of a collection that brings you confidence and happiness for a long time. ECouture is continually developing and improving to satisfy the needs of its current and future customers. It is exciting to anticipate what Anne and her brand will deliver to the vintage-inspired fashion industry in the future.


Catfight Collections: Retro and Vintage Inspired…EVERYTHING.

Catfight Collections: Retro and Vintage Inspired…EVERYTHING.

Australian shop Catfight Collections stocks everything you can imagine that’s rockabilly, psychobilly, retro and vintage inspired, including toys, magazines and even bandages! Their collection of Australian and international branded items has a little something for everyone at reasonable prices–from glamorous pinup girls to hardcore psychobilly guys.

unnamed (2)All Pictures with friendly Permission by Catfight Collections

Modern Retro Style Clothing and Accessories
Men and women can find a wide variety of greaser, rockabilly, psychobilly and pinup clothing to add to their personal style. Men will find a mixture of button-up shirts that come in many styles, like like bowling shirts, plaid shirts, racer shirts and good, old fashioned work shirts. The men’s collection of t-shirts, hoodies and jackets feature retro looking or punk rock logos and designs. Guys can even pick up a rockabilly, vintage inspired wallet with a chain.

Brands @ Catfight Collections

unnamed (1)

For women, there is everything from sexy to casual and everything in between. The shop has a wide range of fun and attention-getting clothing, like petticoats, t-shirts with bold designs and phrases, wildly designed socks, pantyhose and stockings. But they also have more subdued pieces, like 50’s style dresses with full circle skirts and vintage inspired tops and t-shirts. Whether you’re looking for a fun pencil skirt, a pair of high waisted shorts or some rebellious, fingerless gloves, the variety of options for women is not scarce.

unnamed (3)

Interesting and Unique Shoes
The majority of the shoes at this shop aren’t your normal pair out of a department store, and they all express retro or punk rock flair with creative accents and colors. Guys and girls can peruse through their stock of wingtips and creepers, but the girls really benefit from the shop’s selection of flats and high heels. From elegant solid colored pumps to edgy and hardcore printed flats, soft and dainty girls or even edgy, roller derby girls will swoon at this unique collection.


From clothing and shoes to magazines and home decor, this store understands punk rock, retro and vintage aren’t just fashion statements but a lifestyle. If you’re looking to stock your closet or need a cool gift for a friend, you will be sure to find something here.


Néné Chérie: French-made Vintage Inspired Clothing and Accessories

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Nene Cherie: French-made Vintage Inspired Clothing and Accessories

Nene Cherie is a French shop owned by Honey Nene, a talented seamstress who creates clothing, hats and accessories, in the south of France. Her design aesthetic is primarily tailored towards the fashion of the 1920s through the 1960s. Every retro and vintage fashionista will enjoy her original pieces and understand her respect and appreciation for these time periods.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAll Pictures with friendly Permission by Néné Chérie
Photos by Kult of Kustom – Copyright

nene cherie logo

Hollywood Style Clothing

Retro-styled women will love Nene Cherie’s clothing because they are vintage inspired. Gypsy lola , 50s diner, navy style and sexy bustier tops are all included in the tops collection.

nene cherie 50er jahre kleid

For the summer, the shop has a few flirty high waisted shorts available, and for more conservative occasions, the perfectly retro skirts are available in swing styles or high waisted pin up styles. The elegant interpretation of past decades are masterfully crafted in the small but beautiful dress collection.

vintage coat

Beautiful Handmade Capes and Coats

Nene Cherie’s collection of capes and coats are so elegant, and they can turn any ordinary woman into a star. The amount of workmanship put into each item is obvious and every aspiring pin up girl will be warm and looking glamorous at the same time. From faux fur accents to full circle patterns in the longer coats, these classic details and high quality fabric are striking and flattering for every woman’s body.


Must-have Vintage Style Accessories

Every retro loving girl should have a copious amount of vintage style accessories on hand for every occasion. These accessories elevate vintage style to any outfit, even if it’s just a t-shirt and jeans.

greaser girl top

The accessories at Nene Cherie has the most selection in the entire shop and include sunglasses, handbags and a wide variety of hair accessories. Whether you’re into delicate hair flowers, stylish turbans, fancy hats and fascinators or pin up style bandannas, this line is just the right amount of flirty and stylish.

rockabilly vintage dress

Nene Cherie’s collection is perfect for the glamour girls, rockabellas and other vintage loving girls who want to add to their retro style. The prices aren’t outrageous, and you will be one of the few wearing Honey Nene’s fabulously handmade designs.


LoveChuckTaylors: Chucks as Rockabilly and Punkrock Shoes

LoveChuckTaylors: All the Attitude without the Headache

People have been wearing Converse’s Chucks Taylors, also known as “Chucks,” for decades. In the beginning, Chucks were sneakers for athletes, like professional basketball players, and were only available in a handful of colors.

il_570xN.533175976_a81zAll pictures with friendly Permission by LoveChuckTaylors

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As the popularity grew, Chucks came in an assortment of colors, became associated with punk rockers and rockabillys and are now a staple in modern retro fashion. Fortunately for punk rock and vintage fashion lovers, Kelly, a sneaker aficionado and owner of the U.S. based Etsy shop, Love Chuck Taylors, is the master at custom making Converse Chuck Taylors.


Custom Rockabilly Shoes
Rockabilly culture has adored Chucks since the 1950s, and Love Chuck Taylors has taken classic prints and designs and made these sneakers more fashionable than ever. Faux leopard print fur, polka dots and houndstooth are all part of the shop’s rockabilly collection.


These exclusive designs are handmade and featured on the tongue and back strip of the shoe. Pair them up with a sexy pinup skirt and t-shirt, and you’ll have the ultimate rockabilly casual look!


Custom Rock and Roll and Punk Shoes
For those with an edgier aesthetic when it comes to fashion, the shop also offers Chucks with silver and gold studs and spikes. Do-it-yourself projects is a trend, and there is a mass of tutorials on the Internet instructing us how to spike and stud Chucks.

punk chucks

More often than not, this project is tedious and time consuming, and you end up ruining a perfectly good pair of sneakers. Save yourself the time and headache by letting this shop figure out the small details that make these kicks head turners.


All these customized and affordable Chucks come in low or high tops, in any color or size and will ship internationally. If you don’t see a color or design of your liking, Kelly will custom make any pair of Chucks especially for you. These Chucks aren’t just for the rockabellas, because they are available for men and children, too! Her love and dedication is obvious in every pair made. See for yourself by perusing through the glowing reviews on her Etsy site!


Punkabilly Clothing: Affordable Rockabilly and Punk Rock Fashion

Punkabilly Clothing: Affordable Rockabilly and Punk Rock Fashion

In Japan, Naomi, a fashion designer, and Tom, a punk rock lover, met and created, Punkabilly Clothing. They have expanded from an small online shop since the early 2000s, and in 2009, they opened a store in Bangkok, Thailand. Their collections comprise of clothing and accessories from brands and manufacturers specializing in a fusion of pinup style, rockabilly fashion and punk rock.

punkabillyAll pictures with friendly permission by

Fun and Flirty Clothing and Accessories for Women

Their dresses, tops, swimsuits and jackets collections are filled with classic silhouettes and have polka dots, cherries or sailor influenced designs playing with feminine vintage styles rockabellas and pinup girls love. If you’re looking for something that has more attitude, their accessories, leggings, skirts and t-shirts showcase skulls, playing cards or old school tattoo prints and are perfect additions to any punk rock wardrobe.


Adorable and Tasteful Rockabilly and Punk Clothing for Babies

What’s great about this store is their collection of clothing allows you to extend your rockabilly and rebellious style to everyone in your family, including babies!

They have chosen unique baby clothing like bibs, t-shirts and onesies, preparing your little ones to embrace individualistic styles before they can even walk. All the items in this collection are tasteful and made with non-toxic ink.


Silly and Hardcore T-Shirts and Punk Accessories for Men

Rockabilly boys will get a kick of the punk inspired t-shirts and accessories, because they are anything but dull. Making appearances in their t-shirt collection are a couple of major Thailand brands, Liquid Brand and Eight Ball.


The tees have an array of retro tattoo designs, as well as sexy pin up girls and more. in the accessory lines, they can dress up their threads with crazy designed ties or suspenders.

Whether you like a classic retro looks or an edgy punk rock attitude in your clothing, Punkabilly Clothing has an assortment of clothing and accessories to suit your personal style.


With affordable prices, Punkabilly Clothing is an excellent choice for anyone devoted to rockabilly, retro and punk fashion for themselves or the men and babies in their lives. They offer free shipping if you spend more than $100, which will be easy to do.



Dy Style – Pinup-Fashion in Romania

Dy Style – Pinup-Fashion in Romania

_MG_6051 editAll Pictures with friendly permission by Dy Style

Dy Style imports pinup inspired clothes and accessoires from around the world, as well as carrying items from their own line, DyStyle Original Design. They don’t just specialize in vintage and retro inspired clothing - they also carry plus size fashion too!

_MG_6239 22

You don’t have to be plus size to benefit from the clothing at Dy Style; they accommodate all women’s sizes. Additionally, their collection includes accessories, shoes, swimwear and a small selection for men.


The classic pinup style look is apparent in the shop’s form fitting pencil shape dressses, retro inspired swimwear and sweet but seductive shoes. Dy Style concentrates on feminine pieces with a modern twist. This shop impressively keeps a woman’s need for comfort and individuality in mind by custom making certain styles you see in their shop in another fabric or print in their collection. Just provide them with your measurements, and you’ll have a unique dress made just for your body.


Accessories can complete a pinup look from head to toe. Their vintage but trendy collection of sunglasses and clear lens glasses, scarves, gloves, hair accessories, hats and jewelry are essential for an authentic pinup wardrobe. If you really want to mix things up, experiment with their bow ties as an addition to your outfit. These quirky touches show your playful and flirty side.

_MG_6253 22

Finally, their small men’s selection consists of funky bow ties, pocket squares and neck ties. They’re fun and frisky and can be worn for casual or formal occasions. The prints are specifically designed, so they will match certain pieces in the women’s collection. The men’s accessories can be purchased as individual pieces or in sets of two or three as seen on their website or custom made as well.


The names of Dy Style’s items are cute and witty, and that in itself is worth a trip to their website. Dy Style will custom make certain pieces for you, so all you have to do is inquire. This shop encourages you to be original and creative in your clothing and accessories despite your size or gender. You will look on trend while still keeping the retro vibe in tact.


Steady Clothing

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Steady Clothing

Steady Clothing is a casual clothing and accessory retailer that provides distinctively American rock gear with a vintage flair. They have been in business for nearly twenty years with their full line of clothing made entirely in the United States. Steady Clothing has a fun selection of casual, weekend and concert wear for men, women and children.

steady clothesAll pictures with friendly permission by Steady Clothing
steady clothing logo

The women’s inventory from Steady Clothing is a blend of modern, graphic tees and retro style cardigans with sexy key-hole sweaters. The swimsuit options include pin-up girl designs in either one and two-piece sets. There are plenty of solids and an animal print or two included in the mix.

rockabilly clothing sun

The women’s dresses are a collection that includes seductive little sailor-suit inspired creations and 1950s inspired glamour girl frocks. There are options for casual day wear as well as the perfect pieces to wear to your next cocktail party.

steady shirt

Logos and kitschy designs abound throughout the men’s clothing collection. It includes a massive assortment of graphic tees to choose from in every shade of brown imaginable. They also offer hipster style button up tops which include a touch of whimsical, western, cowboy flair. The button front shirt options continue throughout their licensed Elvis Presley line. You can choose from short sleeved panel front tops with graphic Elvis photo prints, various printed tops and even a button up blue suede shirt. There are also retro inspired 1950s work shirts with Elvis patch nametags.

steady pinup

The kid’s collection is pretty much limited to logo prints and graphic image onesies and tees. The onesies are definitely rocker-edged with plenty of black, horror movie images and skulls. Message one piece outfits and t-shirts round out the collection.

Steady Clothing finishes up their men’s line with vintage replica “drive” racer jackets and leather driving gloves. If you feel the need to accessorize they have retro printed cell cases, psychedelic tattoo tote bags and plenty of funky patches.

steady clothing

Since the 1950s were as much about the hair as they were the clothes, you can perfect your Elvis pompadour locked in place with their selection of pomade. Rocker chicks can keep a peppy ponytail or accessorize their bouffant with a glittery hair clip in oversized designs and “notice me” glittery colors.


Rumble 59 – Rockabilly Store

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Rumble 59 Rockabilly Store

Today’s fast paced and technology driven world makes many wish for the times of face to face contact instead of Facebook and sending letters instead of Email. This nostalgia springs from the belief that the past was a simpler time when men were suave and charming and women were innocent and well-behaved.


However, there is no need to idolize the past when one can embrace the true spirit of days gone by with Rumble 59. This German retailer shows the past as the rebellious and edgy climate it really was, and all designs embody the rockabilly lifestyle.

Women do not have to wait for a jock to give them a letterman jacket anymore when they can purchase their own. Ladies who want a casual and vintage outfit for the daytime can pair the jacket with a high quality printed shirt from the Rockabilly Rebel line and be ready for lounging at the diner with milkshakes or taking a ride on a motorcycle.


Rumble 59 also has looks for those who love pin-up and rockabilly styles. Women can be beautiful and feminine while still able to rock with everything from denim pencil skirts with clean lines and a snug fit to tight striped shirts that show off a woman’s assets.

rockabilly shirts

Both men and women can enjoy the line of denim Rumble 59 produces because it is not artfully distressed, torn, ripped or otherwise modified in the name of fashion. Store bought imperfections are fake, but this denim is genuine. Wearers will have to earn faded denim and flaws in the material by getting dirty, partying and living fearlessly.

rockabilly jeans

Greasers, ruffians and moonshiners can enhance their outfits with accessories like flasks, switch blade inspired combs, bold belt buckles and more. Whether drag racing with a bandana or finishing a perfectly styled hairdo with a checkered headband, Rumble 59 ensures you look rockabilly chic from head to toe.

rockabilly accesoires

There is no need to idolize the past when it is possible to find beauty in classic rock idols, old school street gangs and smoky lit bars. Rumble 59 brings the past back with these glamor meets grunge outfits that should never go out of style.


Atomic Aces

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Are you in need of sexy pin-up attire? What about rockin’ button ups with a vintage twist? Your search will end at Atomic Aces!

All pictures with friendly permission by Atomic Aces

This custom apparel shop offers amazing pin-up style dresses, tops, skirts, and pants for the rock and roll loving women. Their Rockabilly style clothes are sure to get you noticed and make you feel like a true rock star. Their sexy rockabilly dresses offer a classic look fit for any vintage girl!


You can find sexy pencil skirts that hug your curves and are sure to win your affection, vintage style dresses that show off just enough skin, sexy skirts and tops that will complete any pin-up girl’s wardrobe!

They also have a variety of high fashion children’s clothes for all of those pint-sized future rock stars! With prices as low as only $10 per item, parents are sure to be able to fill up their little one’s closets with rocking designer clothing!


Atomic Aces offer sizes that fit a wide range of body types! Ranging from Small to XXLarge, in-stock items are ready for you to order right away! But, if you are in need of special sizing, such as short or long, don’t fear because Atomic Aces also offers special ordering!


The Rockabilly style shop is affordable with high quality, designer clothing. Their items are reasonably priced so all rock stars on every type of budget can afford to dress in style! Shipping is offered through FedEx to all corners of the world, so you can have your stylish outfits in your hands in no time!

If you are not satisfied with your Atomic Aces order, they will be happy to fix whatever you are not satisfied with! They are not mass producers of clothing, so you will receive extraordinary customer service and carefully crafted items! All apparel is made with care and expertise by their awesome specialists and designers.


Residing in Lakewood, California, Atomic Aces started in 1997 by young designer Goretti whose motto is “Rock hard, roll fast”! Along with their online store, the company also makes appearances at a variety of vender events all across the U.S.!


Blame Betty Shop

Blame Betty Shop

Betty is taking the blame for making the world a little less modern and a lot more rockabilly!

601353_10151861284095039_1990835228_nAll pictures with friendly permission by Blame Betty
blame betty logo

She’s infecting your house, your clothes, your CHILDREN’S clothes -she’s everywhere and is taking the blame for being totally fashionable and adorable.

Dress It up, Dress It Down!
Whats a rockabilly shop without curve-hugging dresses? Blame Betty carries swing dresses, pencil and wiggle dresses, short dresses and even dresses for your high-school prom or lavish vintage wedding.


Expect polka dots, cute sugar cube skulls, sailor blue anchors, inferno red cherries and fun playful prints.

Warning: Dresses may flatter your body accordingly and make you feel super sexy and confident. Expect to be stared at with envy and awe when wearing Blame Betty rockabilly pin-up dresses!


Wait! There’s More!

For women, Blame Betty also offers blouses and fashion tops, rockin’ T-shirts, sweet cardigans, cozy sweaters and hoodies, tank tops and camisoles, tunics, flirty vintage style bathing suits, fun shorts and rompers, skirts, accessories, winter wear and of course…SHOES!


Not only do they offer women a long list of fashion choices, they also cater to vintage loving men as well! Heck, they make this a family affair offering ,not only old-time gentlemen garments (swoon!), but children’s apparel and super cute household decor.


One of their newest fashion additions is the footie pajama for alternative adults who just want to be comfortable and snugly warm at night. With artistic designs of the skeletal system and PJs with floppy bunny ears, their night time collection will make you want to curl up with mug of spiked hot chocolate and a good book.

Speaking of good books, The Blame Betty Shop also sells delightful books that will keep your brain fed for hours. If you can’t find a book about pin-up culture or are interested, Blame Betty Shop has a decent selection of different and interesting vintage inspired books.


All and all Blame Betty is a very diverse shop that’s easy to navigate through and offers clothing for all ages, genders and sizes. Their prices can be a little steep at times, depending on the garment being sold, but anybody with a rockabilly heart and soul needs to check out Blame Betty’s shop to see what they could be missing out on.



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