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V-Couture – Luxurious corset clothing

V-couture is a German boutique that offers custom made burlesque style corsets with a vintage flare. For those searching for an elegant pin up style, these corsets are an indulgence tailor made to fill any woman’s desire for luxurious clothing.


V-couture creates their corsets with the finest materials, using handmade lace filigrees and luscious silk fabrics. The corsets are feature hand silk binding, as well as hand embroidered details.


V-couture designs allows for the addition of a wide variety of adornments to be added, making each corset a rare treat. Lace necklaces adorned with sequins, separable pearl necklaces, fine lace corset belts, and a variety of other embellishments make these corsets truly unique.

korsetjurkFotograf: Marco Ribbe Photography, Model: Sina Domino Collins

Like any woman, the supple feel and voluptuous shape of these corsets hide the strength of their design. Steel bones are encased by high quality german coutil; a steel busk is encapsulated in a plush fabric underlay. This allows skin to be protected while giving a woman that alluring shape that corsets are known for.


The boutique is the creation of Verena Dietzel. Verena’s original background is in fashion design, although her involvement with theater and photography are apparent in the dramatic feel of her designs. Nearly invisible cups, and a satin bow, on a black lace bra, are examples of the details that characterize her most tantalizing pieces. Underbust pieces with matching lace bras, corset dresses with sheer lining, and other designs sure to entice women looking to add excitement to their wardrobe.

Fotograf Nightshadow-Photoart, Model: Maya Mysteria

V-couture also understands the allure of innocence. Corsets trimmed with lace and tulle give to her designs a sense of purity. However, the sheer lace bodices, hand dyed red trim, plunging chokers, and lace bustier give a more intimate feel to these designs.


For some, the purchase of one of these corsets is a splurge , however they are well worth the expense. The allure of these high quality corsets are enough to justify the indulgence, beyond considering their tantalizing effect on your admirers. From a bridal line to designs that would make a burlesque dancer blush, V-couture has something to suit any taste.


Royal Black – Get Victorian Goth there.

Get Victorian Goth At Royal Black Shop!

If Lewis Carroll’s mind could be morphed into a physical manifestation, Royal Black’s shop of couture and corsetry would depict it perfectly. Awe-inspiring works of art, these corsets and costumes have as many twists and turns as Wonderland itself.

couture corset

Foto: Philipp Ganzer
Models: Desireé Kaddatz, Nada

All pictures with friendly permission by Royal Black

Barbara Pesendorfer breathes life into the very bones and meat of unusual art. Living and striving in Vienna Austria, Barbara sews all her imaginative corsets and eccentric wear by hand. She molds beautiful and exquisite fabrics into form fitting corsets and extravagant Gothic evening gowns. The glamorous collections that can be found inside Royal Black Shop are not simple designs, they’re a smooth and fluent mixture of imagination and silky elegance.

burlesque dress

Foto: Ophelia
Model: Renata F.

For over ten years Barbara has been crafting her own fairy tale designs and patterns for vintage and creative spirits. Royal Black Shop is an enchanted garden, sprouting and twisting like emerald green vines around one’s body.

latex dress

Foto: Ophelia
Model: Katja Wagner (Stella Models)

Blossoming rose inspired corsets, red and black Gothic mermaid dresses, butterfly themed ball gowns and handsome masquerade-styled suits for the gentlemen are what fills this lively garden of bewitching garments and delightful concoctions of the mind.

princess dress

Ophelia Overdose (Model, Hair & Make Up, Styling)
Fotografin Jamari Lior

Royal Black Shop is a cozy haven for the darker minded ladies. Ladies who prefer a mad-hatter styled tea party compared to a home-cooked meal, prepared by a 1950s housewife. Royal Black’s collections are still timeless in their own unique way though.

corset dress

Foto: Hart Worx
Model, Make Up, Styling Ophelia Overdose

Pin-up and burlesque loving ladies will still find stunning show-stopping outfits that can be incorporated into everyday vintage wear. Of course, one might have to possess a very off-beat taste to showcase most of Royal Black’s brand of decorative goodies.

goth corset

Artdirektion / Foto / Postproduction: Zum Schießen Photographie
Model: Barbara Pesendorfer

This doesn’t mean that the collection of corsets and costumes are not to be desired, it’s just the opposite. Royal Black Shop has thousands of fans from all across the world who admire and follow the store’s success. With a little red lipstick, a pair of long black gloves or the touch of a little black bird-cage veil – Royal Black can be the ultimate shopping destination for those who prefer the wails of violins and cellos to the sound of old rock n’ roll. Thanks to Barbara, artwork has never looked so wearable!


Lovechild Boudoir

Lovechild Boudoir

The dignified days of the Victorian era are far from being obsolete. Bustle skirts, corsets,old time bloomers, vintage tops and jackets aren’t just seen in museums and oil paintings of someones great grandparents anymore.

CorsetPics by Xanthe Ellis. Model Katy Padam.

All piczures with friendly Permission by Lovechild Boudoir

With the transfusion of goth, classic Victorian era garments and mechanical steampunk – Lovechild Boudoir carries an extensive handmade collection of sultry items. Classy and ostentatious, Lovechild Boudoir has caught the eye of many magazines, making appearances in “Milkcow”, “Bizarre Magazine”, “Nude” and even “Vogue”. The store’s collection of handmade retro attire is never dull, always exciting and trimmed with Gothic pin-up sex appeal.

HalsfedernPic by Andreea Virna. Model Marinela.

Jayni has been in the vintage fashion industry for over twenty years, designing and customizing antique styled pieces for stores such as: Top Shop and Urban Outfitters. In the year 2005 Jayni began to produce her own brand of aberrant yet beautiful clothing. Clinging to what she knows and loves best, vintage fashion. Being inspired by goth culture, dresses in the Victorian era, flashy cyber fashion and rustic steampunk – Lovechild Boudoir’s handmade articles of clothing are definitely rare gems.

BustlePics by Andreea Virna. Model Elizaveta Shashenkova.

Lovechild Boudoir is operated in Yorkshire, England by Jayni herself. With every thrum of the sewing machine, she breaths life into the past through her creations. A firm believer in reusing and recycling, a lot of the pieces in Lovechild Boudoir’s inventory are made from fabric scraps. Scraps from earlier bustle skirts and jackets to being completely re-made from an older piece. Being clever, artistic and knowing when and how to re-use materials has given this vintage designer a well rounded edge.

ShrugStudio pics by Christel Stol. Model & MUA Anita De Bauch.

Lovechild Boudoir is well stocked with eccentric and seductive items and offer long and short bustle skirts, shrugs, accessories, boas, breeches and bloomers, corsets, dresses, jackets, pearls and swine, shorts and hotpants, skirts, tops, vintage lingerie, plus-size fashion and wedding and bridal items.

HalskragenPic by Vania Santos. Model & MUA Ana Duarte.

Even if a vintage lady’s taste may lay more with the 1940s and the classic pin-up girl style, they should still take a peek inside Lovechild Boudoir. With all the sexy vintage lingerie and corsets, one may find a gold-mine of unique fashion options. Gothic and steampunk inspired attire is a great way to animate someone’s vintage wardrobe.


Colour Me Bad: One Stop Shop For Bombshell Beautys

Colour Me Bad: One Stop Shop For Bombshell Beautys

Through hard work, dedication, passion and a heart’s desire, Colour Me Bad was born early in the year 2011 in Germany. Bringing with it the love for the most sultry time periods in history, creating a simple collection of all things classic and sexy.

burlesque costume

A style that’s best seen under the warm glow of a golden spotlight, Colour Me Bad specializes in transforming an average women into a desired vixen, through show stopping corsets and playful hosiery. Colour Me Bad’s exclusive Burlesque wear features full burlesque outfits and accessories to complete an aspiring dancers wardrobe needs. From colorful pasties, seductive stockings and garters, bustle skirts, miniature hats, elegant lace gloves, glittery heels, and even masks.

colour me bad dress

If becoming a strip tease isn’t on the agenda but becoming a little more timeless and classy is, then Colour Me Bad has a great selection of 1950’s inspired fashion pieces. To become coloured bad, an edgy twist was added to such inspired pieces giving them Gothic flares, such as artistic skulls, adding ribbon laced corset backs to the pencil skirts and keeping the colors dark and smoldering.

pencil dress
Colour Me Bad can get a little more bad than that though, bringing back the oozing sex appeal of retro lingerie. High waistted panties with garters and stockings, black satin bullet bras and sequenced V-neck leotards. Colour Me Bad also offers full body ensemble jewelry and fashionable chokers.

burlesque dress

Colour Me Bad is an international website based in Germany, they excel in shipping to parts all over the globe. Even though their currency is set in Euros and most of the text is in German, everything is still easy to find and order. For over 2 years now, Colour Me Bad has excelled in helping ladies, of all shapes, all around the world, create an eccentric wardrobe for a modern day pin-up girl.

colour me bad

Creating unique fashion pieces that attract vintage souls, enticing them with dreams of being a coy burlesque dancers or a playful model in the 1950s. The only thing missing now is the option to buy a personal hair dresser and make-up artist to complete the look of soft curls and red lips on a daily basis.


Miss Moss


Miss Moss Corsets

Hand-made corsets are always something special. Experienced wearers, such as Bernie Dexter, swarm again and again to the quality and fit of a hand-sewn corset.

Photo: The paul Green: Model Marlene von Steenvag

miss moss

German and especially Berlin rockabellas may now look forward to a new corset designer: Miss Moss.The fashion designer, Gemma Moss comes from England. After her training she settled in Berlin to sew and teach. Why Berlin? Well the charm of this city is like a magnet.

Ray Damski, Model: Stephanie Peregrinus

all online shops

The precious lingerie can be found on her DaWanda shop, selling chic burlesque corsets and pin up accessories. Detailed information can be found on her website about her work.


Before we carry on about the fashion, now a word about her second passion. Miss Moss teaches sewing courses attracting interested vintage and pin up lovers offering a variety of workshops. Private lessons can be made via an appointment to learn how to sew corsets and other pin-up style clothes. Its a great opportunity to learn first hand from your new favourite designer!

Rajesh Gurung, Models: Hurricane Irina

zum shop

Now back to vintage clothing and underwear. Miss Moss designs clearly show inspiration from Victorian, Burlesque or Rococo. What else can be  found is sweet rockabilly accessories with lots of polka dots and mini bows. Occasionally one finds a couple of traditional dresses like 1920s style or antique Elizabethan collars, aprons and other vintage pin-up fashion.

Jose Bäßler, Model: Hurricane Irina

Those who prefer to examine first hand these things they should stop by the Savage Store in Friedrichshain. As a true designer, Gemma naturally offers custom made couture. You could also simply contact her through her Burlesque online shop.

Rajesh Gurung, Models: Marlene von Steenvag

The style of Miss Moss is alive and plain at the same time. Just think of cotton candy, a delicate string of pearls, rock n roll and blood red lips. You’ve got an idea of her fashion sense (or a light chaos in the head!) Rockabellas should check out these lovely designs and hope to see many more ideas and styles!


SugarKitty Corsets

SugarKitty Corsets

SugarKitty Corsets is a line of custom-made corsets designed to fit virtually any woman no matter how tiny, curvy or busty she is. Each corset is made with a minimum of four layers of fabric, each stitched together for the highest level of quality and durability. SugarKitty Corsets are designed for years and years of wear, so purchasing one of these quality pieces is an investment just as much as it is a worthy, valuable purchase.

In the SugarKitty Corsets shop, you’ll find the perfect variety of overbust and underbust corsets. The “Victoria” overbust corset is a simple design made of clean white fabric, perfect for wearing with a costume, during a burlesque performance or even as a complement to your outfit on your wedding day. The clean white look is ideal for a wedding dress, or would even go perfectly over a crisp button-down shirt for a day at the office.

Overbust corsets also come in fierce styles such as “Miss Rose” in a bold red, perfect for a sexy devil costume, or “Abigail,” a bold red with white stripes along the front, considered to be the perfect “starter” corset with a full back, sitting at mid-hip for ultimate comfort. The “Olivia” overbust corset is displayed in a pale blue with gold-accent flowers, a cute ensemble for burlesque dancing, costuming, bridal or lingerie.

all shops and brands

The underbust corsets fall just below the bust, allowing you to wear it with sexy matching pasties or another top under it, providing a fitted look with a tiny waist. They come in a variety of colors and styles so you can customize the perfect addition to your costume or outfit.

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One of the best parts of SugarKitty Corsets is that they have a large selection of options and extras, including a modesty panel to cover exposed skin and reduce friction, extra sets of laces, detachable garters, buckles, feather trim, custom lace or beading, flossing, and virtually anything else you can think of to make your corset perfect. The fabric section also displays a variety of colors and styles, so you can find the perfect color or print for the style you have in mind.

For easily customizable corsets made with the most durable and sturdy fabric, do all your shopping at SugarKitty Corsets.



Kaos Corsets

Kaos Corsets is a pin up, retro, rockabilly and burlesque themed boutique known for their sexy, high quality corsetry. Established in 1992, they started a line in order to provide sexy and affordable corsets to women of all ages, shapes and sizes. They range from lightly boned waspies to steel boned corsets, with each piece individually hand made at their headquarters in the UK.

The website for KaosCorsets is updated regularly with new stock and styles, so if you’re looking to find something in particular, be sure to check back on occasion to see what new styles they have to offer.

Corsets and waspies are two of the most popular items sold at KaosCorsets. Steel boned corsets create the most form fitting shape and look, while waspies are more simple and less constricting if you’re not looking for a specific look. Each section has similar patterns and look, whether you’re looking for a classic black lace look, sexy polka dots, soft pink and white stripes, black and red contrasts, or black and white pin stripes. Corsets and waspies are ideal for formal wear, burlesque performances and even Halloween costumes, whether you’re looking for a gothic masquerade look or just need a sexy top to accent your formal dress.

If you’re looking for the perfect bottoms to wear with your corset, KaosCorsets also offers bottoms to go with virtually any outfit. Sexy fringe flapper looks, form fitting pencil skirts, high cut polka dot shirts for a cute pin up style, and long fishnet skirts for a formal night out.

all shops and brands

Looking for something to top off the outfit? KaosCorsets also offers adorable yet sexy top hats, available in solid black and accented with brightly colored flowers and lace veils for a gothic, punk or elegant look. These hats can suit a variety of styles, it all depends what the rest of your outfit entails.

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Lastly, there is a section of “extras” if you require special care for your corset, whether it’s a modesty panel, extra long busk or specific shipping prices. KaosCorsets does everything in their abilities to create the perfect corset and have it sent to you in the perfect amount of time.



fff fff fff


Burleska is a pin up, burlesque, rockabilly and retro fashion boutique established in 2006.

All Pictures with friendly Permission by Burleska

Specializing in corsets, they offer a wide variety of corsetry pieces at affordable prices for costumes, burlesque performances and enhancements to evening wear. Corsets in the Burleska shop are made of quality materials that are inexpensive as a way to satisfy customers with low prices on customized corsetry.

all shops and brands

Whether you have the budget for a custom corset or not, there are hundreds of designs in the Burleska shop that are premade for you to choose from to perfectly complement your costume or party. styles vary from gothic, punk, traditional, rockabilly, burlesque, pin up and whatever else you may be looking for. Since corsets can be dressed up or down, each piece is versatile and easy to include in a variety of outfits.

zum shop

Their large variety of overbust corsets come in all sorts of styles, organized into different themed sections. For something a bit medieval and masquerade-like, the Alice section consists of a variety of corsets in all sorts of colors. They’re simple, with ties down the front and rich colors for a classy look.


For something a bit more lacy and racy, the Asian section offers sexy styles in a variety of colors. There are hundreds of other overbust corsets in themes such as bridal, dita, elegant, dominatrix, fetish, flame, lily, majesty, opera, punk, princess, pin up, skull tattoo and much more.


Pair the corsets up with one of their many skirts and tutus, additional tights, nylons and lingerie pieces, elegant, retro, pin up and gothic jewelry, suspender straps, and more. Jackets and capes are also available to pair with your corset if you’re going to an event during colder seasons. Warm up in style without sacrificing the look of your costume.


There are a variety of petticoat skirts available to pair with your corsets, a sexy pair of suspenders and stockings, or under a skirt that needs a bit of an extra boost. They’re the perfect punk and retro complement to virtually any corset outfit.


Whether it’s for your wedding, Halloween, a burlesque performance or a sexy punk costume, Burleska offers just about anything you need.


Redcat 7

Redcat 7

Redcat 7 is a boutique created by Berlin-based designer Sammy the Scissors, consisting of burlesque, pin up, retro and rockabilly inspired looks that she has been creating for many years. Her passion for costumes and fashion were refined during her fashion design studies, and after that it was only a matter of time before she was inspired to start her own line, named Redcat 7, in 2004.

Underground Catwalk 2010, Model: Franziska, H&M: Maxine

All Pictures with friendly Permission by Redcat 7

She created it as a way to interpret the femme fatale looks of the burlesque world, as well as the stylish fashion worn by women during the pre-war years, and once again during the 1950s when the pin up fashion began making a statement.

Foto: Cherrymuffin Studios, Models: Bettina May, Eve Champagne, Go-go Amy

Redcat 7 is for women looking for exclusive looks that are fancy, one of a kind and overall just fun to wear. Sammy creates custom designs, colors and looks for local customers who are in need of a unique piece.

30er Jahre Renn Overall, Axel Lehmann, Foto: Tankwart

The “Fashion” section of Redcat 7 offers pin up inspired dresses, skirts and tops for women who want something to wear for both work and play. Black satin and flowing skirts make frequent appearances in the variety of styles.

Foto: Achim Scheffler, Model: Jenny, Make-up: Maxine, Haare: Siggi Appel

In the “Burlesque” section of Redcat 7, you’ll find sexy lace corsets, feathers galore, and plenty of frills for the fierce and feminine look that is coveted by so many women and has made the burlesque scene so popular. Floral hair pieces, masks and choker necklaces accent the corsets for the perfect outfit.

Foto: Achim Scheffler, Fotoshooting in Moskau

all shops and brands

5There is even a “Hotrod” section available for men and women who love the greaser look worn in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. Full outfits worn in a car shop, bandanas and hats with retro and vintage appeal are all found in the “Hotrod” section. If you love working on cars with your man, these are the perfect outfits that are stylish and functional. If you’re feeling brave, wear a sexy corset underneath to surprise him with once you’re done!

Veronika: Foto: See2Feel

Redcat 7 is perfect for those who are passionate about pin up, burlesque, greaser and rockabilly looks but don’t know where to start. Whether you want a simple corset or hair accessory or are going for a full blown burlesque performance look, there is something offered for everyone.


Versatile Corsets

Versatile Corsets

Versatile Corsets is an online corsetry boutique specializing in custom made corsets and accessories. Their styles include simple and basic blacks, frilly laced bridal colors and styles, girdles to wear under dresses and corsets, hosiery, and more.

Their corsets complement all aspects of the pin up, rockabilly, retro, fetish and goth style industries. Versatile Corsets is known for staying true to their name, creating diverse options that allow anyone of any age, size, style or gender to purchase a corset that perfectly complements them and their preferences.

Over and under the bust corsets are all available, so whether you need it to replace a bra or just want something for your mid section, there is something available for you. The Jasmine Under Bust Corset is a classic, slimming and flattering style, incorporating beige lace and black ties into the clean lines of a classic corset look. It’s simple yet diverse. For more of a costume novelty approach, check out the Saloon Girdle Dress, Sweet ‘N Sultry Garter Dress, or Bowed Jasmine Under Bust Corset in Damask Print.

Versatile Corsets also sells all sorts of fashionable accessories to go along with your corset. Petticoats, skirts, pantyhose, nylons, pencil skirts, bloomers, and even formal mermaid style dresses. Looking for the perfect French maid look? You’re in the right place, there is an incredible assortment of French maid-inspired corsets, all equipped with the perfectly placed ruffled white apron.

all shops and brands

The accessories section of Versatile Corsets is where all the necessities to wearing the perfect corset are available. Corset liners, thigh-highs, bra tops, sleeping corsets, ruffle panties, garders, anklets, and more are all available for the perfect accent and touch. Shoes and boots are also available if you’re in need of a sexy pair of sky-high stilettos or want some fun lace-up boots to go with it.

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Whether you’re tiny and petite or curvy and voluptuous, male or female, Versatile Corsets can create the highest quality corsetry for you that perfectly accentuates your body, preference and personal requirements. Whether you’re in need of corsetry for a performance or event or you’re just looking to add some to your lingerie and formal wear selection, Versatile Corsets has everything you need to accentuate you and your style.



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