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Rockabilly Guys

Rockabilly Guys

Rockabilly styles aren’t just for punk rock women. Rockabilly guys and their music actually started more of the rockabilly trend, so there is no surprise why so many guys love channeling the retro styles, especially if they are into the music.

Popular rockabilly artists include Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and even The Beatles. Over time, bands like Green Day came about with a bit of a punk rockabilly edge. The term comes from mixing rock music with country music, and the styles reflected this as well.

Rockabilly guys are typically found in ripped jeans, Converse shoes, vintage band t shirts, vintage leather jackets, heavy tattoos and metal hardware hanging from their clothes. It’s about appreciation for music and individuality, so many rockabilly guys have their own edge they prefer to incorporate into their looks.

all shops and brands

all shops and brands

For the rockabilly guy who just doesn’t want to spend hours on end hunting through thrift stores for vintage t shirts, shoes and jeans, there are plenty of online boutiques that specializes in rockabilly clothing not just for women, but for men as well. Hollywood Flame, Rockabilly Rules, and Rockabilly-Fashion.de are three of the most popular rockabilly boutiques that also sell guys clothing. Grease, Gas and Glory and Suicide Glam specialize in rockabilly, psychobilly and retro styles.

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For men, rockabilly isn’t just a look, it’s an attitude and a way of life. If you see a guy sporting rockabilly duds he is probably not just doing it for the appearance and to attract a hot pin up girl, he is probably also passionate about the music and truly into what the style and industry has to offer. Men and women who find themselves rocking out to the tunes of Presley and Cash more than modern day music are more likely to be seen in some vintage leather and t shirts. Dressing the part is only one aspect of rockabilly guys, the rest is enjoying the music and everything the style has to offer. Wear it with confidence, boys, women love a man clad in leather who’s not afraid to show his love and taste for the classics.

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