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Vintage Clothes

Vintage Clothes

Vintage clothes are typically clothing items that are resold and reworn, and a minimum of 25 years old. Since many fashion trends go out of style only to make a comeback years later, it is beneficial for many people to keep their gently used clothing, as it may come in style with a “vintage” feel to it many years later.

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The vintage clothes trend is making a big comeback in recent years, so it is no surprise why many boutiques are choosing to sell vintage styled clothes along with pin up, retro and rockabilly styles. These styles often go hand in hand.

Vintage fashion often consists of frilly dresses, floral prints that range from light and delicate to bold and flashy, pin up and retro styles of tops and dresses, and other items that baby boomers likely sported in their high school and college days. It’s making a comeback in a big way, as more and more of the younger generations are beginning to look through thrift store racks for a fun, unique outfit. The best part of vintage clothes is that you’re likely to find something that isn’t mass produced in fashion stores, you’ll find unique, hard to find pieces that nobody else has.

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There are a wide variety of online boutiques that sell vintage inspired handmade outfits. What Katie Did is known for their vintage inspired lingerie and feminine dresses and other pieces, while Whirling Turban is known for a wide variety of vintage inspired pieces and reproductions of classic vintage styles. Lolita Girl Clothing and Miss Hussy Clothing are two more amazing online boutiques with a large line of retro and vintage inspired clothing styles.

Since vintage is such a broad term, these vintage inspired shops tend to have a very extensive variety of what they offer. One shop’s definition of vintage could very well differ from the next, so you can easily find “vintage inspired” clothes from a variety of decades, ranging anywhere from the roaring 1920’s to the hippie era of the 1970’s. Whether you’re looking to add a few new pieces of inspiration to your closet or dedicate your wardrobe to an entire era, vintage clothes can help you achieve a timeless style.

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