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Pin Up Outfits

Pin Up Outfits

Pin up outfits are all about big hair, red lips, curves, femininity, bold colors, sassy leopard print and polka dots, and most importantly, a fierce attitude. Pencil skirts, sky-high stilettos, bold eyeliner, and flattering corsets all add to the fierceness of a sexy pin up outfit.

picture in Flickr CC by Alaskan Dude

One reason pin up outfits, retro themes and rockabilly styles are so popular is because not only are they diverse enough to reflect each woman’s personal style and taste, but they are not designed for one “type” of woman. Whether she’s a size 2 or a size 22, there is something in the cards for each one. Pin up outfits are designed to enhance a woman’s natural features, giving her a sexy, feminine appeal while flattering her gorgeous natural assets. Pin up outfits are not designed to turn a woman into something she’s not. Instead, they are designed to enhance who a woman truly is.

Classic pin up outfits are inspired from the fashion of the 1940’s, 1950’s, and 1960’s. They gained popularity during World War II, a time when women longed to show off their innocence while still displaying their true sex appeal. Pin up outfits can show as much or as little skin as a woman wants, but the original outfits were typically less revealing than what is considered to be an average or revealing outfit today. Pin up swimsuits typically covered the belly button and part of the thighs, while still looking sexy and leaving much to the imagination. Many pin up outfits follow this same rule, leaving more skin covered while flattering the figure with form fitting designs.

If you’re dying to try out a pin up outfit but don’t know where to start, there are a wide variety of pin up boutiques that can help you find exactly what you’d like to dress up with. Start with some flattering undergarments from Purrfect Pineapples or Girdlebound, and find a flattering pin up dress from Moxie Minx or Pinup Couture. Finish off the pin up outfit with sexy heels from Baby Girl Boutique, line your eyes with some cat-like black eyeliner, and tease your hair into the perfectly curled coif. Swipe a streak of bright red lipstick across your lips for the perfect finish to your pin up outfit.