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This is not (a) Pinup

This is not Pinup
This is not a Pinup
This is not Pinup Fashion
This Girl is Fat
This Girl is too Skinny
This girl is ugly
This Girl needs Tattoos
The Tattoos are horrible

I’m totally fine, if you don’t like a picture, but don’t use this phrases above.

This is not Pinup /This is not Pinup Fashion.

There is no proved Pinup Fashion and there is not a proves definition what’s a Pinup. Maybe it’s only a different sight of Pinup. Your Post should be: “In my own opinion, this is not Pinup Fashion” Anything can be Pinup-Fashion where a Pinup would look great in it.

For me it is Pinup, if i feel, it is. That could be a traditional polkadot swing dress, of course, but it could be any part of Rockabilly, Vintage, Burlesque, Underwear, Latex, Fetish, Leather, Gothic, Steampunk, Corsets.

I know many Pin ups, who wear all of it and yes, they’re Pinups. And if you have a problem maybe with Latex, or Fetish Wear just google the mother of all Pinups “Bettie Page” and have a look to all Pictures.

Bettie Page, Bernie Dexter, Dita Von Teese used all these Fashion parts and yes, they’re Pin Ups. So the clothes are pinup-fashion.

If you don’t agree. I’m fine, but then please use the words “In my opinion…” to tell other people, what your sight of pinup is and why you think “this is no pinup”. I think, we’ll find an example where a pinup was wearing this AND looking great.

This is not a PinupAs i told above. The page is pinup-fashion, so not all shown people have to be pinups if the Fashion would be great wit a pin up in it. If you don’t like the model, notice the fashion. If you don’t like the fashion. I’m fine with it.
This Girl is FatDon’t be hateful. It’s okay to have an L,XL, XXL and being a Pin Up
This Girl is too Skinny Don’t be hateful. It’s okay to have an S,XS, XXS and being a Pin Up
This Girl is ugly Don’t be hateful. What’s your Problem?
This Girl needs TattoosNo, it don’t need Tattoos, if she don’t like them. Tattoos don’t do a Pin Up?
The Tattoos are horribleNo, it’s totally okay if she like them. “No Tattoos” don’t do a Pin Up?