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Studio Ecocentric: Eco-friendly, Classic Hollywood Fashion

Studio Ecocentric: Eco-friendly, Classic Hollywood Fashion

Since its establishment in Berlin in 2009, Studio Ecocentric has provided the means for retro-loving women to share a piece of vintage Hollywood in the fashion they treasure.

studio ecocentric

The creator and designer of this brand, Katrin Kummer, understands the admiration of the elegance and beauty from this golden era and has created a stylish collection that stands apart from the latest trends. While vintage-inspired clothing is timeless, Studio Ecocentric approaches fashion with a fresh interpretation of ladylike classics.

Katrin’s designs are created with the most exquisite, environmentally friendly components, such as delicate Italian wool, Swiss organic cotton and silk dyed from plants and vegetables. The attention to detail and quality is quite commendable, since Studio Ecocentric constructs its garments through local German manufacturers. Their focus on beautifully made clothing allows their pieces to withstand a lifetime of use by the modern day glamour girl.

The retro-inspired dresses, pleated swing skirts and classic pussy bow tops are simple enough to incorporate into any wardrobe without looking like costumes. The collection is cohesively sophisticated, which might be the best and worst description of the shop’s beautiful clothing. Mature vixens will feel ageless, but younger girls might find the designs a bit matronly. One thing that remains constant for women of any age is that high quality, comfortable, stylish and eco-friendly clothing is a rare find.

The small details on pinup-type dresses, coats and blouses, such as authentic vintage buckles and buttons within this shop’s collection, can complete a traditionally fashionable outfit. In fact, you can distinguish poorly constructed retro-inspired clothing, because it lacks the attention to detail that is frequently featured in antiquated clothing. The lack of bright colors is as though you are perusing through a wardrobe from the set of a 1950’s movie.

If you lean towards modest and conservative vintage fashion, this shop will easily satisfy your needs. Each piece is demure yet mysteriously sexy, which is refreshing from many of today’s trends that leave little to the imagination. Be prepared to make a bit of investment, as the prices for Studio Ecocentric’s clothing and accessories aren’t affordable for the girl on an average budget.