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Rockabilly Ladies

Rockin’ Rockabilly Ladies

With every puffed up pompadour and swipe of bright red lipstick, rockabilly makes it’s comeback from the swinging ages of the 1950s. The backbone of this boisterous yet classy style derives from the marriages of many different genres of music.

rockabilly ladiesBild in Flickr CC by Etsy Ketsy

The younger generation was greatly influenced by the combination of sounds that included Western Swing, Blues Music, Boogie Woogie, Rock n’ Roll and Bluegrass. The term rockabilly was created by meshing together the word “Rock” from Rock ‘n Roll and “Billy” from Hillbilly. Rockabilly music was originated in the southern parts of the united states and has since transformed itself into a modern day fashion sensation for rockabilly ladies.

Depending on a ladies social class, a rockabilly style was worn in different ways. Not all young girls were allowed or wanted to follow a rock n’ roll lifestyle. For rockabilly ladies who were a little more straight laced and modest, most likely coming from a traditional home, their style would consist of full skirt dresses and low heels. Conservative rockabellas were known to be very feminine with soft floral patterns and big bows, socks with their mary janes and flats and broad collared fifties dresses.

More rebellious rockabilly ladies would choose to accentuate their curves to the fullest. They are the ones who show a little bit more skin and are a tad more daring than most women in the fifties. This more scandalous and loud rockabilly style is what helped morph rockabilly fashion into what it is today. Bold rockabilly ladies from the 1950s would dress themselves in curve hugging attire such as pencil skirts and tight sweaters. Old-time rockabellas would wear stiletto heels, blouses that exposed both shoulders and maybe a little midriff, tight high-waist capris and tied-up button up shirts.

Today rockabilly is known for it’s fun patterns and tough rock n’ roll exterior. Studs, spikes, leopard and cheetah spots, polka dots, swallows, cherries, leather and colorful bandanas are everyday looks for rockabilly ladies.

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Turing oneself into a modern day rockabilly lady isn’t tough, it just ensues a decent amount of dedication and trial and error. One must be willing to have fallen curls and uneven cat-eyes to eventually achieve the rockabilly look.