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Burlesque Wear For Women

Burlesque Wear For Women

Burlesque wear for women is a popular lingerie, performance, costume and formal type of dress for women who love the pin up and retro looks of the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s. Burlesque wear is typically inspired by burlesque theatre performances of these eras, often done in a satirical form by women wearing corsets, stockings, garter belts, feathery hats and masks, pasties, stilettos, and other lingerie-like pieces of clothing. Burlesque wear for women may often look like costume wear or lingerie, but the diversity of burlesque components means the pieces can be used for a wide variety of styles.

Burlesque wear for women can be as colorful, revealing, simple, or complex as any woman prefers. If you see burlesque wear and immediately think of a corset with a sexy pair of stockings, that may be all you need for the perfect outfit. If you’re looking for a burlesque-inspired look to enhance a dress, skirt or outfit you’re wearing to a formal affair, there are ways you can wear it to enhance your look as well. Many burlesque pieces accompany sexy, slinky lingerie, and they are also popular additions to costumes.

If you’re on the hunt for burlesque wear for women, there are plenty of boutiques across the web that cater specifically to women looking for a customized, sexy, and affordable burlesque outfit. For a steel-bone, custom made corset that’s tailored right to your needs and specifications, check out SugarKitty Corsets, Bibian Blue, KaosKorsets, Redcat 7, Burleska, Versatile Corsets, Miss Katie, and Maya Hansen.

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For burlesque accessories such as pasties, garter belts, and even burlesque-inspired dresses, check out shops such as Feisty Cat, Starlets & Harlets, FairyGothMother, and Gothesque.de. Looking for the perfect pair of stockings or hosiery to complete your outfit? Girdlebound, Sweet Pins, Stockings HQ, Hepburn And Leigh, Cervin Paris, and Secrets In Lace. These shops all sell accessories that will accompany your burlesque look whether it’s for a formal affair, work, or play.

Burlesque wear for women is to always be worn with confidence, so tease your hair, strap on your favorite stiletto heels and swipe on some of your favorite red lipstick; you’ll have heads turning left and right the minute you leave the house.