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Rockabilly clothes

Rockabilly clothes

Rockabilly clothes are a timeless part of the fashion industry that incorporate retro looks, music and rock ‘n roll into the style. Originated around the 1950s, rockabilly clothes were worn when rockabilly music was created, a style that combined rock and country. Rockabilly clothes combined the rebellious punk looks worn by men and women who were attending all the latest concerts, including leather jackets, ripped jeans, classic Converse shoes, band t shirts, flowing pencil skirts, penny loafers, and more. Black mixed with bright colors were popular aspects of rockabilly clothes, in correspondence with retro and pin up looks of the same eras.

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If you love the look of rockabilly clothes but don’t want to rummage through clothing that belonged to your parents, you’re in luck. There are all sorts of boutiques and designers all across the web that specialize in rockabilly clothes and outfits that are representative of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s music scenes.

Some of the most popular boutiques selling rockabilly clothes include Dismantled Fashions, Poison Candy Fashions, Sourpuss Clothing, Miss Hussy Clothing, Yvonne’s Inked Divas and Gents, Tokyo Motor Grrl, Grease, Gas and Glory, Liquid Bombshell, Too Fast Cirque Couture if you’re into the retro punk circus look, Zombie Dolls for all sorts of accessories and rockabilly style corsets, Rock Steady Clothing for pin up and retro dresses with a sassy punk twist, Tarantula Clothing for the girly girl who loves to look rebellious, and Switchblade Stiletto for the girl who loves to be pretty in pink but isn’t afraid to flash some skull and crossbone designs, too.

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Don’t worry guys, these boutiques also carry men’s rockabilly clothes, so you can find duds for the whole family if you’re all looking to discover something new.

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Rockabilly clothes are not for one specific type of person. Rockabilly embraces individuality, and as long as you have a passion for the music and the culture, you will fit in. Rockabilly isn’t about conformity, either. Rather than turning you into a copy of the person next to you, rockabilly gives you your own look that allows you to express yourself and stand out while still appreciating the culture. Rock on, rockabilly lover!