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Pinup Girl Clothes

Pinup Girl Clothes

Pinup girl clothes have made a major comeback in the fashion world over the past several years. Pinup girl clothes is indicative of outfits frequently worn by fashionable women in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. These styles range from laid back outfits from formal wear, including but not limited to play suits, high cut shorts with halter tops, flowing poodle skirts to wear on the dance floor, fitted pencil skirts for dressy work attire, pedal pusher capri pants, penny loafer shoes, button down shirts, sky high stiletto heels, flashy, bold accessories, and much more.

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Pinup girl clothes are made for women of all ages, shapes and sizes. They allow women to express their original style and taste while hugging their body and curves in a way that flatters them and shows off their natural assets. Pinup girls were not worried about conforming to a specific type of body type, rather they were into showing off what they have and expressing their individual beauty.

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For true to form pinup girl clothes, you don’t have to shop at thrift stores or rummage through mom’s closet to find the perfect outfit. There are all sorts of boutiques on the internet and around the world that specialize in pinup girl clothes and styles. Some of the most popular boutiques and shops include Modcloth, Babygirlboutique, Starlets and Harlets for a bit more of a rockabilly or retro edge, Miss Hussy Clothing for bright and bold colors, Pony Maedchen and Lucky Diva for military inspired outfits, and Marlene’s Toechter for authentic 1940s dress styles. There is a variety to the point where you will have no problem finding everything you want or need. For the greaser girl look, check out Gas, Grease and Glory.

Pinup girl clothes take fearlessness and confidence to truly pull off. They are not shy or timid and they are proud of their style and individuality. Expression is key, and if you want to go for the full blown look, put on some bright red lipstick and black cat eye liner, curl up your hair and pin some of it back, and spritz on your favorite perfume. You’ll undoubtedly have everyone turning their heads!