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New Collection: Morgaine La Chatte

Meet the New Morgaine La Chatte Collection

alle Kollektionen von Morgaine La Chatte

image (3)

Fotos by Mascha Seitz und GrautonStudio

Alle Bilder mit freundlicher Erlaubnis von Morgaine La Chatte
Ohne Titel 4

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Foto: GrautonStudio – Model: Makani Terror

image (8)

Model: Diana HH – Foto&EBV: GrautonStudio

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image (6)

Model, H&M: ScaryMissMary – Foto&EBV: facelooks

image (5)

Model, H&M: ScaryMissMary – Foto&EBV: facelooks

image (1)

Foto: Lycilia Art – Model: Misplaced

alle Kollektionen von Morgaine La Chatte


Made to Order Vintage Dresses at Atelier Belle Couture

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Made to Order Vintage Dresses at Atelier Belle Couture

Fashion designer Bethina Lellig founded Atelier Belle Couture with the vision of creating one of a kind vintage clothing items inspired by the 1950’s and 60’s for today’s women.

All pictures with friendly permission by Atelier Belle Couture

Working in her airy studio outside of Saarland, Lellig designs and produces each and every dress according to her customers’ exact body measurements and fabric preferences. The result is a beautiful pinup outfit that is just as unique as the bombshell girl wearing it.

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Atelier Belle Couture specializes in creating your dream look for a ball, prom, or wedding and excel at making your vision into a reality. Beautiful rockabilly petticoat dresses can be browsed by pattern or color including polka dots, floral prints, checkered patterns and even fruits. There are hundreds of vintage styles to choose from online, or customers can use these as inspiration and work directly with Atelier Belle Couture to design their own rockabilly dresses.

zum shop

Because of their commitment to make vintage clothing tailored specifically to the wearer’s measurements, this brand is also able to offer plus sized pin up dresses and even maternity sizes. Also be sure to check out their selection of children’s wear for the pint-sized pin up girls in your life. Shop through past designs of rockabilly wedding dresses and pin up A-line dresses as well.

Of course, no dress is complete without a little lift from a crinoline petticoat! Atelier Belle Couture also has the underskirts needed to give that pretty poof to any rockabilly dress. Available in a variety of volume levels, lengths, and waist heights, it’s easy to find one that will fit perfectly with any of their vintage dresses.


Of course, if you somehow can’t find what you’re looking for online, their designers will also work directly to design and produce the crinoline petticoat of your dreams. Finally, Atelier Belle Couture also has a small selection of accessories to complete the rockabilly look.


With shoes, bolero jackets, and 1950’s jewelry pieces, they have the perfect little something to make any vintage outfit complete. Atelier Belle Couture has a passion for seeing your vision of the perfect pin up dress and rockabilly petticoat come to life.


Long Live Legs in Vintage Hosiery

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Long Live Legs in Vintage Hosiery

Pin up girls everywhere know that it’s often what’s underneath that counts, and that includes genuine vintage hosiery. So much of the rockabilly and pin up look emphasizes long legs in playful thigh high vintage stockings and garters!

ars vivendi - Vintage Hosiery

Veronika in Redcat 7 and Ars Vivendi

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It’s essential to find the perfect panty hose stockings to complete your retro look. The world of vintage hosiery stretches to many styles from seamless nylon to opaque tights to retro seamed stockings. Which is which and how does a girl choose? One important piece of information to know while you shop for vintage hosiery is the term denier.

Denier refers to the number of threads woven into vintage hosiery (or any stockings for that matter) and affects how sheer or opaque the stockings are. A sheer pair of pantyhose is around 15 denier, while opaque black tights higher, around 75 denier. Most retro seamed or thigh high vintage hosiery will stay in the 15 denier range.

For a more burlesque or rockabilly look, fishnet stockings are a classic choice. The contours of fishnet vintage stockings accentuate the curves of the calf and thigh, flattering and drawing attention to those pin up girl legs. Online shops that carry sexy collections of burlesque themed vintage hosiery include Ars Vivendi and Cervin Paris.

Besides nylons, hold ups, and vintage stockings, these shops also offer a wide selection of vintage lingerie as well. For one of the biggest selections of colors and styles in vintage hosiery online, Sweet Pins fine hosiery is the place to go. There shoppers can find seamed black stockings or seamless nylons in a variety of denier thicknesses and styles from thigh high to knee high to high waist.

Vintage stockings abounds in feminine lace, sexy garter belt hold ups, and fun rockabilly polka dot patterns. Stockings and Romance is another shop featuring vintage lingerie and vintage stockings that aim for the more Hollywood pin up girl look.

Vintage hosiery is the definite go-to way to put a little drama and retro style into any outfit. Even if those vintage stockings are mostly hidden beneath a sweet skirt, they shout to passers-by that these legs are lovely from thigh to toe!


Yvonne Warmbier: 1950’s Clothing from Berlin

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Yvonne Warmbier: 1950’s Clothing from Berlin
Capturing the feminine flair of the 1950’s fashion world, Yvonne Warmbier takes pride in their signature vintage pieces.

retro dress yvonne warmbierAll Pictures with friendly permission by Yvonne Warmbier

Bring back a piece of this bygone era of style icons with the limited edition collections full of charm and elegance and designed with the modern woman in mind.

yvonne warmbier vintage dress green

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Yvonne Warmbier is a brand that focuses on class and finesse, giving the feminine form some vintage grace. Their classic retro clothing is all manufactured in Berlin, germany from organically sourced and fair trade fabrics, so you can look beautiful while helping to keep the environment gorgeous too. Founded in 2012, German-born Yvonne Warmbier began her brand of classic 1950’s style clothing after being featured on multiple television fashion shows and contests.

yvonne Wambier summerdresszum shop

Today the shop ships worldwide and is quickly becoming renowned for its commitment to vintage design and quality. At their online store, it’s easy to shop by piece, browsing through dresses, skirts, blouses, or petticoats and accessories. Many items are only limited edition, ensuring that your pin up style outfit is unique.

vintage summerdress blue

Their gorgeous pin up dresses are named after fashion icons like Charlotte, Greta, and Martha to bring back the charm of days gone by. Focusing on pastel colors and floral print patterns, Yvonne Warmbier is all about soft beauty and beautiful 1950’s silhouettes. With sizes for small to extra large, their vintage dresses and retro gowns will fit any body type.

yvonne Warmbier pencildress

For separates, there are a variety of pencil skirts and flair skirts in neutral tones of black, white, and grey to match with almost any top. Professional button down blouses and boleros are also available in limited edition designs that are always changing. With their versatile color palette, these retro separates can be mixed and matched for an endless number of cute pin up outfits.
Finish off the lovely vintage look with Yvonne Warmbier’s selection of petticoats and accessories.

satin summerdress

From thin waist belts to cute bows, they have the perfect piece to draw attention to the waist. Crinoline petticoats come in black or white to match any of their dresses for a truly rockabilly look. Complete it with a handmade organza rose in your hair for a retro style to remember!


Pinup Style: From Burlesque Beauty to Rockabilly Radiance

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Pinup Style: From Burlesque Beauty to Rockabilly Radiance

Many different clothing brands use the term ‘pin up’ to describe their particular style, but these can be everything from lacy corsets to red cherry sundresses to latex lingerie.

So what really classifies the fashion phenomenon of the classic pinup style? Simply put, it’s not so much about the clothing as it is about the woman underneath.

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The first pin up girls may date back further than you think, as most fashion historians attribute the origin of the look to late 19th century burlesque dancers. These lovely ladies handed out pictures of themselves in gorgeous makeup and dressing gowns like business cards, and the not surprisingly, the cards spread far and wide.

Later, soldiers in both World Wars cherished pictures of pin up girls in flare dresses, high waisted swimsuits, and sexy stockings. It is this image that most people think of when they envision the polka dot swing skirts, victory roll hair, and retro vintage style of the classic pinup style.
What is it that makes that pin up girl so alluring? She is all feminine – curvy and long-legged, usually with vintage high heel shoes, cherry red lips, and a perfect smile.

But for all her sexy innuendo, she is never explicit, leaving just enough to the imagination to keep things interesting. Today, this playful pinup style has inspired thousands of clothing brands seeking to capture that 1950’s vintage look of fun femininity. You can find them online at Pinup Girl Clothing, Limb Clothing, and Stop Staring Clothing, just to name a few.

The pinup style of fashion is also incredibly ubiquitous and versatile, since pin up girls were featured wearing everything from gorgeous rockabilly gowns and crinoline petticoats to retro swimwear and lingerie. Today, many brands feature plus size options such as Lady V London or Starlets and Harlots Shops.

You can even look vintage glamorous while sleeping in a sweet 1950’s nightgown from Retro Nighties or Silver Screen Loungerie. Though pin up girls started flaunting their gorgeous pinup style over one hundred years ago, this is one vintage look that has only become more beautiful through the decades since.


Vintage Fashion: Making the Old into the New

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Vintage Fashion: Making the Old into the New

The term vintage fashion is used all over the place today and seems to mean a variety of different things to different people. In fact, the word vintage simply means old – so what is the difference between an 1800’s hoop skirt and a 1950’s pin up dress?

Vintage Fashion

Can they both be vintage fashion? Actually, in the fashion world, the term vintage refers to clothing that is twenty to one hundred years old. Today, this could refer to clothing from the 1900’s through the 1990’s – quite a large span!

However, the most popular vintage clothing and the style that is most often referred to by this term today is the classic look of the decades surrounding the 1950’s. It is in this era that we find pin up dresses, crinoline skirts, polka dot blouses and red cherry prints. These styles may be over fifty years old, but they have never been more popular or widely available as they are today.

Several online shops carry vintage designs in a variety of sizes and styles. A few of the most classic pin up dress shops for vintage fashion include Unique Vintage, Top Vintage, and Lady Vintage. These sites offer the biggest variety of styles and vintage accessories to make a retro outfit for any occasion.

Other brands specialize in specific styles, like Succubus or 20th Century Foxy for dresses, Esther Williams for retro swimwear, or Marlenes Toechter for high waist pants and blouses. From feminine floral prints to rockabilly icons and jeans, vintage fashion is pretty and plentiful wherever you look.

No outfit is complete without accessories, and there are lots of shops and brands that cater to the smaller parts of each vintage outfit as well. Stores like Trashy Diva offer a wide selection of vintage accessories including hats, purses, and jewelry to match any pin up outfit.

Dig for Victory clothing even features just the fabrics in floral prints, polka dots, and stripes so you can make your own unique vintage look. No matter the time or the place, it’s certain that there is a vintage fashion item perfectly suited for the classic look you want.


Get Victorian Goth At Royal Black Shop!

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Get Victorian Goth At Royal Black Shop!

If Lewis Carroll’s mind could be morphed into a physical manifestation, Royal Black’s shop of couture and corsetry would depict it perfectly.

royal Black corset

Model: Ophelia Overdose Photographer: Moritz Maibaum + Hart Worx

All Pictures with Friendly Permission by Royal Black

Awe-inspiring works of art, these corsets and costumes have as many twists and turns as Wonderland itself. Barbara Pesendorfer breathes life into the very bones and meat of unusual art. Living and striving in Vienna Austria, Barbara sews all her imaginative corsets and eccentric wear by hand.

Models: Desireé Kaddatz, Foto: Philipp Ganzer

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She molds beautiful and exquisite fabrics into form fitting corsets and extravagant Gothic evening gowns. The glamorous collections that can be found inside Royal Black Shop are not simple designs, they’re a smooth and fluent mixture of imagination and silky elegance.


Model: Nina de Lianin, Photographer: Annie Bertram

zum shop

For over ten years Barbara has been crafting her own fairy tale designs and patterns for vintage and creative spirits. Royal Black Shop is an enchanted garden, sprouting and twisting like emerald green vines around one’s body. Blossoming rose inspired corsets, red and black Gothic mermaid dresses, butterfly themed ball gowns and handsome masquerade-styled suits for the gentlemen are what fills this lively garden of bewitching garments and delightful concoctions of the mind.

Model: Barbara Pesendorfer, Foto: Zum Schießen Photographie

Royal Black Shop is a cozy haven for the darker minded ladies. Ladies who prefer a mad-hatter styled tea party compared to a home-cooked meal,prepared by a 1950s housewife. Royal Black’s collections are still timeless in their own unique way though. Pin-up and burlesque loving ladies will still find stunning show-stopping outfits that can be incorporated into everyday vintage wear.

Model: Renata F., Foto: Ophelia Overdose

Of course, one might have to possess a very off-beat taste to showcase most of Royal Black’s brand of decorative goodies. This doesn’t mean that the collection of corsets and costumes are not to be desired, it’s just the opposite. Royal Black Shop has thousands of fans from all across the world who admire and follow the store’s success.

Model: Ophelia Overdose, Foto: Jamari Lior

With a little red lipstick, a pair of long black gloves or the touch of a little black bird-cage veil – Royal Black can be the ultimate shopping destination for those who prefer the wails of violins and cellos to the sound of old rock n’ roll. Thanks to Barbara, artwork has never looked so wearable!


Pandora Deluxe: Custom Latex Clothing and Accessories

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Pandora Deluxe: Custom Latex Clothing and Accessories

Those looking for the latest in latex fashion and couture need only to discover Pandora Deluxe Latex clothing and lingerie. Featuring everything from sexy rockabilly dresses, skirts and tops, to fun latex and chain maille accessories, this London-based shop gives a bold twist on classic vintage looks.

Model: Mosh, photo: Vance
All Pictures with friendly Permission by Pandora Deluxe

Pandora Deluxe prides themselves on high-quality latex wear for fetish and couture lovers everywhere. Browse through their unique collections of pin up sheath-style dresses in bold colors and patterns including leopard prints, galaxy designs, and even edgy blood spatter.

Model: Laurel Fatal, photo: Moti Malul

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You can also search by collection name with six different one of a kind collections for every latex wearer’s dream style. Complete the look with a cute latex hair bow or hardcore chain maille necklace!

Model: Laurel Fatal, photo: Moti Malul
zum shop

For the sultry and seductive side of rockabilly fashion, check out this shop’s lingerie collection. Decorated with rocking metal studs, chain maille links, or silver harness buckles, these designs are only for the bold of heart. If you’re not afraid to flaunt your kicking pin up curves, go all out with Pandora Deluxe’s unique basques, bras, panties and even latex bodysuits.

Model: Miu Midnight, photo: Gina Soden

Their wide selection of latex colors and patterns sets this brand far apart from other vintage lingerie brands for a look that is truly show stopping. Reminiscent of classic rock divas and pop icons, this is a style for girls that aren’t afraid of showing what they’re really made of.

Model: Psylocke, photo: Belinda Bartzner – Photography

Because Pandora Deluxe’s focus is on quality and the unique design of each piece, each purchase is made to order, giving you the satisfaction of knowing that your rockabilly latex outfit has been crafted just for you. Because of this attention to detail, they ask for about five to six weeks of lead time for each order placed.

Shoppers can also go a step further and contact Pandora Deluxe for information on creating custom designs on latex dresses, pencil skirts, tops, or lingerie items. Even if you simply have trouble deciding between jet black or rocking red, their expert latex stylists are happy to offer advice on color and pattern selection as well. If latex is your passion, Pandora Deluxe has plenty to offer.


Kitty Rose Couture: Pin Up Fashion For Guys and Gals

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Kitty Rose Couture: Pin Up Fashion For Guys and Gals

When two Australian designers set out to collect their favorite vintage fashion pieces from around the world, they had no idea that the result would be their very own brand of pin up clothing and accessories that now ships to fashion lovers worldwide.

All Pictures with friendly Permission by Kitty Rose Couture

Emma and Adam created Kitty Rose Couture to “create beautiful garments and pass on the joy of their passion,” and one look at their website reveals that they have achieved that goal. Based in Brunswick, Kitty Rose Couture focuses on high quality for all of their clothing which is crafted in Melbourne.

all online shops

Their women’s line includes pin up dresses in everything from pretty florals to rockabilly skull patterns to tropical bombshell prints in favorite pin up brands like Hell Bunny and P is for Pinup. Cute swing skirts, high-waisted rockabilly jeans, and cute button-up blouses can be paired with a vintage bomber jacket or sweater cardigan for a classic look in any weather.

zum shop

This brand also hosts a wide selection of gorgeous crinoline petticoats to bring your pin up dress to life. Browse through the various colors and lengths for a rockabilly petticoat that is perfect for your own unique look. Kitty Rose Couture is proud that all of their materials are hand selected and crafted in Australia to provide the highest possible quality vintage products including Voodoo Vixen dresses and Collectif petticoats.

Their accessories section also hosts vintage hosiery, jewelry, purses, and vintage sunglasses to complete your look. Not to be outdone, Kitty Rose Couture also hosts a rocking selection of men’s vintage clothing as well.

From work pants and shorts inspired by rockabilly denim jeans to slim fit button-down shirts, it’s easy to create a classic look that never goes out of style. Check out the great selection of t-shirts and tanks emblazoned with the classic Dickies’ logo or rock and roll emblems, too. And of course, in the accessories section is genuine pomade for that 1950’s greased back hair to finish a great rockabilly style.

Whether you’re visiting the flagship store in Sparta Place, Brunswick, or browsing their extensive website with worldwide shipping, be sure to also check out the sales that are always giving great discounts on the hottest rockabilly and vintage looks at Kitty Rose Couture.