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Kitty Rose Couture: Pin Up Fashion For Guys and Gals

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Kitty Rose Couture: Pin Up Fashion For Guys and Gals

When two Australian designers set out to collect their favorite vintage fashion pieces from around the world, they had no idea that the result would be their very own brand of pin up clothing and accessories that now ships to fashion lovers worldwide.

All Pictures with friendly Permission by Kitty Rose Couture

Emma and Adam created Kitty Rose Couture to “create beautiful garments and pass on the joy of their passion,” and one look at their website reveals that they have achieved that goal. Based in Brunswick, Kitty Rose Couture focuses on high quality for all of their clothing which is crafted in Melbourne.

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Their women’s line includes pin up dresses in everything from pretty florals to rockabilly skull patterns to tropical bombshell prints. Vintage lovers will also find cute swing skirts, high-waisted rockabilly jeans, and cute button-up blouses. Pair it with a vintage bomber jacket or sweater cardigan for a look that is ready for any weather.

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This brand also hosts a wide selection of gorgeous crinoline petticoats to bring your pin up dress to life. Browse through the various colors and lengths for a rockabilly petticoat that is perfect for your own unique look. Kitty Rose Couture is proud that all of their materials are hand selected and crafted in Australia to provide the highest possible quality vintage products.

Their accessories section also hosts vintage hosiery, jewelry, purses, and vintage sunglasses to complete your look. Not to be outdone, Kitty Rose Couture also hosts a rocking selection of men’s vintage clothing as well.

From work pants and shorts inspired by rockabilly denim jeans to slim fit button-down shirts, it’s easy to create a classic look that never goes out of style. Check out the great selection of t-shirts and tanks emblazoned with the classic Dickies’ logo or rock and roll emblems, too. And of course, in the accessories section is genuine pomade for that 1950’s greased back hair to finish a great rockabilly style.

Whether you’re visiting the flagship store in Sparta Place, Brunswick, or browsing their extensive website with worldwide shipping, be sure to also check out the sales that are always giving great discounts on the hottest rockabilly and vintage looks at Kitty Rose Couture.


What’s Underneath: The Appeal of Retro Lingerie

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What’s Underneath: The Appeal of Retro Lingerie
Looking your best starts with confidence in knowing that your body is beautiful and feeling comfortable in your own skin.


All in Lingerie

Wearing lovely retro lingerie is one way to achieve that inner feeling of sexy glamour, and from burlesque corsets to garter belts, and high waist panties to bullet bras, here is everything you need to look pin up girl gorgeous underneath it all.

Vintage lingerie started out as a support system for women’s feminine curves so they could look their best on the outside. Now, brands like What Katie Did and Playful Promises have made luxury lingerie from the last century a whole new world of beautiful retro undergarments.

As timeless retro lingerie grows in popularity, the selection of vintage bras, seamed stockings, shapewear, and corsets is on the rise too. Create sumptuous hourglass curves with a classic corset from Miss Moss, SugarKitty, or V-Couture for a burlesque or rockabilly lingerie style. Waist cinchers, girdles, and suspender belts abound at Revival Lingerie in lovely lace or smooth satin.

Speaking of lace, the lingerie designers at Agent Provocateur have a sensuous selection of French knickers and panty sets. Match these at Sweet Pins or Cervin Paris to some thigh high nylon stockings and matching garter belt on those pin up legs that will really make you want to strut your stuff. Retro lingerie and loungewear is now available online for plus sizes as well so every shape and size can feel vintage sexy from head to toe.

The best part about these retro lingerie selections is the support and comfort they provide beneath other rockabilly and vintage clothing items. Remember, the bullet bra and waist cincher corset were originally designed to give women the shape and support they wanted beneath their everyday clothes.

 Model: Bernie Dexter, Photo: Levi Dexter
thx to: Ars Vivendi

Many women today are surprised at how well fitting and comfortable vintage lingerie actually is! That’s why it also important to find well-made, quality lingerie pieces and splurge a little extra for a fit that’s right for you. Whether it’s for the sexy bedroom boudoir or as shapewear under a rockabilly dress or pin up girl outfit, retro lingerie can make any woman feel bombshell beautiful inside and out.


Crinoline Skirts and Petticoats: What and Where to Find Them

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Crinoline Skirts and Petticoats: What and Where to Find Them

We all know that when it comes to beauty, it’s what’s on the inside that matters most. That’s why most vintage fashion dresses and skirts would not be the gorgeous pieces they are without the hidden layer of crinoline petticoats underneath.


Crinoline Skirts & Petticoat Dresses

Without a crinoline skirt to hold it up, your pin up skirt or rockabilly wedding dress would only fall flat. Just like true inner beauty, crinoline petticoats are where the real fashion magic happens.

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Crinoline skirts first appeared as a Victorian fashion in hoop skirts and were made of stiff horse hair to give dresses their distinctive round shape in the early 19th century. Today, most crinoline petticoats are made of plastic weave fabric that is still able to hold up voluminous fabric layers such as would be found in a wedding dress.

These modern petticoats can be completely hidden beneath a gown or be a fun part of a rockabilly dress. On sites like and Petticoats A Plenty, crinoline skirts come in a variety of bold colors to contrast with the skirt layers on top for an edgy rockabilly look.

Pin up style petticoats definitely give an added flounce to any dress, but the rockabilly wedding dress brings this look to a whole new level of gorgeous. Many retailers, like Atelier Belle Couture, sell the crinoline petticoat as part of the dress for an easy one piece ensemble.

Others, like Vivien of Holloway or, offer just the petticoat portion in different colors and styles. This option allows you to mix and match for a custom look suitable for a unique wedding dress or party outfit. As a separate piece, one petticoat can be used under an entire wardrobe of retro dresses and skirts so be sure when purchasing your next vintage outfit to include the crinoline!

While many rockabilly dresses and vintage circle skirts can look good without a petticoat, the crinoline skirt gives your retro outfit a literal boost of fashion fun. In new colors, trims, and lengths, it’s easy to find a crinoline petticoat for every pretty dress and savvy skirt in your closet!


Charlott Atelier: Everything Needed to be Pin Up Gorgeous

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Charlott Atelier: Everything Needed to be Pin Up Gorgeous

The designers at Charlott Atelier believe that beneath the everyday smile is a poster worthy pin up girl ready to shine. That’s why they have created a site full of beautiful vintage clothes for any occasion.

All pictures with friendly Permission by Charlott-Atelier

 From shoes to petticoats and boleros to retro dresses, this label is all about capturing the alluring beauty and poise of a bygone era. Russian designer Charlott Atelier has been drafting and making clothing since she was a teenager, but recently she has honed her skills to concentrate on the 1950’s vintage fashion style. Featured in the “Walk of Fashion 2013,” this brand’s creative success has been well received all over the world.

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There are several storefront locations in Germany, but now these fabulous rockabilly dresses can also be browsed and purchased online and shipped worldwide. At their site, it is easy to see that Charlott Atelier’s particular passion is for petticoat dresses and skirts. Browse their beautiful selection by pattern or fabric type with the ability to search for florals, stripes, polka dots, and checkered prints for some rockabilly fashion flair.

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These sweet pin up dresses come with the crinoline petticoats attached for convenient one stop shopping. For special occasions, check out their selection of retro and rockabilly wedding dresses that are perfect for the big day. Choose from beautiful white pin up dresses or add a splash of color with a bright sash tied at the waist.

Artfully crafted with the vintage bride in mind, these gorgeous 1950’s wedding dresses and accessories are picture perfect. Though Charlott Atelier specializes in petticoat dresses, their vintage designs cover much more, including children’s vintage clothing. Little girl’s crinoline petticoat dresses are completely adorable, and can even be purchased with a matching dress in an adult size!

Accessories include shoes, gloves, purses, and even retro lingerie. For men’s accessories, check out their dashing suspenders, neckties and handkerchiefs. There is even a page of traditional German pin up dresses perfect for Oktoberfest!

So whether you’re looking for your dream rockabilly wedding gown, a cute vintage dress for the little girl in your life, or some rocking retro accessories, you’ll find the complete 1950’s look at Charlott Atelier.


Retro Nightie

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Take Vintage Fashion from Day to Night with a Retro Nightie

Sure, there are lots of gorgeous pin up girl dresses and rockabilly outfits out there for looking vintage beautiful during the day, but what’s a girl to do when it’s finally time for bed?

Retro Nightwear & Loungerie

Sleep doesn’t need to be the end of a day’s fashion. After all, women in the 1950’s wore pajamas too! And that’s where retro nighties come in: to feel comfy and stylish even in your own bedroom.

Betty Blues Loungerie Photo: Iberian Black Arts

Betty Blues Loungerie
Photo: Iberian Black Arts

While the term loungewear can conjure images of cute burlesque outfits and vintage corsets, there is still a whole different realm of retro nightwear in retro nighties. No uncomfortable boning or ties to fiddle with, just the relaxing comfort of a free flowing nightgown with all the charm of 1950’s fashion.

Brands like Glamour Bunny host a wide selection of retro nighties in different sizes and lengths so everyone can feel comfortable and look beautiful even after the sun sets. Breathable cotton nightgowns like those at Glamour Bunny are not cinched at the waist or hips, but give a feminine flow in pretty pastels to your nighttime wardrobe.

Alternatively, go bold with a bright cherry red or sensuous midnight black nightie. In long or short sleeves, or even sleeveless styles, these pin up girl looks are perfect for any season of the year. For a little fancier take on the retro nightie, opt for a nightgown of silk or satin and trimmed with lace, like those found at Silver Screen Loungerie. Two piece camisole sets or simple silk lounging pajamas also bring some glamour to your nightly routine.

Beautiful chiffon nightgowns at Blue Velvet Vintage seek to capture the authentic vintage nightgown look of Mad Men and other classic boudoir scenes from Hollywood. These gorgeous retro nighties make bedtime a little more glamorous than your everyday cotton pajamas.

Nighttime fashion doesn’t need to be all about burlesque busts and coquettish corsets. Vintage fashion icons all over the world sleep peacefully in pretty retro nighties that make pin up girl fashion comfy and cozy. Snuggle up in one of these stylish clothing options and dream of the true meaning of beauty rest.


French Market Stitch

French Market Stitch

Fanciful burlesque costumes are the specialty at French Market Stitch, a new start-up company based in New Orleans, USA. Owner and designer Olga started with a dream to create an affordable, one-of-a-kind burlesque costume for her own Halloween celebration. What began as one fun night has turned into a blossoming showgirl clothing line.

alle Bilder mit freundlicher Erlaubnis von French Market Stitch

From corsets to dresses complete with feathers and tulle, French Market Stitch captures all the glamour of Las Vegas and New Orleans night life. Browse their beautiful selection of burlesque costumes for circus flair, red hot diva, and sexy baby doll outfits. Costumes are all designed to be unique and new designs are constantly being added to the inventory.

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Best of all, French Market Stitch delivers the ritzy glamour to a modest budget. Staying small has allowed them to keep prices reasonable, making this shop perfect for the starter burlesque. If you’re interested in exploring the world of lovely showgirl style, there is no better place to begin. Dive in to the spotlight and let your Vegas beauty shine!

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These costumes are constructed from colorful silk and satin and decorated with lace appliques, shimmering sequins, and fun feathers. Steel boning and corset closures keep everything in place while you dance the night away. There are even themed costumes after icons like the Great Gatsby, Black Widow, and the Green Fairy.

You are sure to be a walking fantasy come to life and bound for fame and glory! While the range of burlesque corset costumes continues to grow, the details of accessorizing are never forgotten. Mini top hats complete the showgirl look with eye-popping razzle dazzle. Resplendent with silk ribbons or sequin applique trims, these hats ensure you look stunning from the top down.

Other must-have accessories for the beginning burlesque showgirl include hairpiece fascinators, elbow length silk gloves, and dance shorts and bloomers. The only part left for you to supply is the alluring glance and spotlight smile.

Whether it’s a fun Halloween costume or a show they will always remember, French Market Stitch has much to offer for the girl who is finally ready for her turn in the spotlight.


What is Retro Fashion?

What is Retro Fashion?

Retro is a big buzzword in the realm of fashion today that conjures images of bygone decades complete with vintage cars, pin up girls, and rockabilly icons.


But what exactly is meant by the word ‘retro’ and why is it so popular now? Simply, what is it about this retro fashion that we all love so much?

retro dress @ lady v london

Lady V London

Believe it or not, the term ‘retro’ to describe a certain throwback style has been around since the 1970’s. It’s actually a shortened version of the French word ‘retrospectif’ from which we get the English ‘retrospective.’ So the retro fashion is literally one that looks back at something in the past. It’s no wonder then that the most classic fashion items that come to mind are styles from the 1940’s, 50’s, and 60’s.

Today, many brands and shops are interested in making these vintage looks new again, tailoring them for today’s men and women. Taking their inspiration from the pin up girls and rock and roll guys of yesterday, they’re crafting modern versions of styles that have lasted through the decades. It seems that the demand for retro fashion is not fading anytime soon!

From brands like Doll Deluxe and Modern Vintage  pin up dresses and skirts to the rocking looks of Trashy Tart and Catfight Collections, it’s easy to find everything from vintage jeans and jackets to shoes and accessories. These hot items like those at Vintage Galeria are anything but out of date.

Fashionistas worldwide are harnessing their bombshell beauty with bold colors and fun prints that proclaim personality and independence. Gorgeous pin up dresses are now available for every body type, including plus sizes and kids’ clothing. Everyone can feel like a rockabilly star in a classic retro style that looks and feels great.

Retro Dress @ Vivien of Holloway

Vivien of Holloway

The retro fashion mania doesn’t stop at great daytime and evening wear. Now you can find lifestyle accessories too, from kitchen decor at Modcloth to the tote bags of Coco Fennell to cute add-ons at Miss Vintage. Live life in style with retro fashion items everywhere! Retro fashion is here to stay so take some inspiration from the past to move forward with bold and beautiful steps!


Coco Fennell: Making Pin Up Dresses for Every Glamour Girl

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Coco Fennell: Making Pin Up Dresses for Every Glamour Girl

Coco Fennell has a simple mission: to make every girl feel gorgeous inside and out. Their fun line of retro dresses in bold prints and styles bring back the essence of the pinup girl fashion icon and make this timeless look accessible to today’s women.

Coco Fennell
coco fennell logo

The lovely Coco Fennell started her clothing line from her modest flat in the Shoreditch borough of London (UK) in 2011. Little did she know that her retro designs would take off into a fabulous fashion enterprise recognized all over the world.

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Renowned fashion icons and celebrities have even been spotted wearing these Hollywood-gorgeous dresses for daytime and special occasions. At this shop you’ll find rockabilly classics like the Graceland Jumpsuit and cute knee length pinup dresses for fun in the sun.

zum shop

Let your retro style shine with patterns like polka dots and florals, or go bold with a solid color in bright red, black, or blue. These styles are so deliciously fashionable, it’s hard to choose a favorite!

Dresses come in floor length maxi gowns, knee length sundresses, and above the knee romper lengths so there is something for everyone to feel comfortable in. Show off your favorite hobbies with fabric prints in casino cards, ice cream cones, and kitchen gadgets. There is simply no end to the possibilities of fun vintage outfits at Coco Fennell.

Because new designs are being periodically added, it’s worth checking back periodically to see the latest pinup looks. Also take advantage of their limited time sale items for glam dresses at discounted prices. Shipping prices are available for UK, Europe, and worldwide options. Complete your rockabilly look with picture-perfect accessories such as head scarves and tote bags with screen-printed retro emblems.

Another fun part about feeling great in Coco Fennell is their Instagram Girls page. Snap a photo of yourself wearing your new Coco Fennell dress and they’ll put it online with the rest of their glamorous hall of vintage fame. You can also view this page for fashion inspiration to get ideas and develop your own pinup girl style. This brand loves to make women look and feel bombshell beautiful and they’re not afraid to show it!


Limb Clothing: Pin Up Vintage Dresses and Skirts

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Limb Clothing: Pin Up Vintage Dresses and Skirts
Based in greater Manchester, Limb Clothing features a collection of gorgeous pin up dresses and skirts for the iconic fashion look of the 1950’s.

limb clothing
Limb Clothing
victory parade

By keeping the selection small, Limb Clothing ensures quality and fit of their merchandise, designing each piece for the perfect fit. For this reason, Limb Clothing rolls out a new collection of dresses and skirts every year, so keep checking back for the latest vintage designs!

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Browse their dresses by design title to find a host of bold fabrics to choose from. In the Hawaiian dress design, large and colorful floral patterns evoke the tropical paradise memories of beach days gone by. Other dress designs are inspired by icons like Betty P, Sally Anne, and Polly. In one of these eye catching dresses, anyone can look like a bombshell beauty straight from the pages of fashion history.

zum shop

In this year’s Victory Parade collection, you will find skirt styles in pleated or pencil to accentuate your feminine curves. Some prints boast fun teapots or cute panda bears while others rock retro geometric patterns or pinstripes. Pair with a crinoline petticoat for a silhouette straight out of a pin up ad from the vintage newspaper.


These looks are perfect for an everyday shopping trip or a special party where you want your timeless fashion sense to shine. If it seems a little chilly to be rocking your new Peggy Sue pin up dress, never fear! Be sure to browse through their dress accessories including stoles, shrugs and wraps.


Hand-stitched of faux fur, these wraps offer the luxury and class of the look without harming any of our animal friends. Quality and fit are the top priorities at Limb Clothing and they take great care in producing each design to the highest standards. There is a great return policy if you feel your outfit does not completely suit you.


Best of all, they are able to keep their prices relatively affordable for the entire brand. Because these designs are limited in quantity, it’s easy to miss an opportunity for a great vintage look. Limb Clothing recommends checking back often for style updates and hot new items.


Rockabilly Look? A Brief Fashion History

What is the What is the Rockabilly Look? A Brief Fashion History

We already know that the rockabilly fashion is one we adore: the Betty Page form-fitting rockabilly dresses, high-waisted jeans and bold colors and patterns that make the wearer stand out.

Rockabilly Look

But where did this iconic look come from? It all started with rockabilly music. The term rockabilly is actually a combination of ‘rock and roll’ and ‘hillbilly,’ signifying the style’s early combination of rock and country Western sounds. This genre was made popular by famous rockers like Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash in the 1950’s, when the post-WWII generation was ready to push the boundaries of social norms and experiment with an edgy new look.

The picture perfect pinup girl of the 1940’s gave way to the rocking look of the 50’s and 60’s. Teens everywhere traded their full A-line dresses and petticoats for hip-hugging pencil skirts and skinny jeans. In men’s fashion, the tough leather jackets and Dr. Marten’s leather boots became in vogue.


The look symbolized a musical style and generation’s ideals of independent expression and honesty, letting your rockabilly clothing show your true colors. While victory roll hair and and rockabilly music did not stay strong through the 1960’s, the vintage look returned with full force in the 1970’s and 80’s as a new generation embraced what had become classic fashion.

Years have passed, but the passion for rockabilly dresses and hairstyles only grew stronger with its resurgence. Now the full crinoline skirts and polka dot blouses were included in the rockabilly look as part of the old fashioned and classic throwback to days gone by.


The silhouette of this clothing style still shows off the feminine shape and this was also adapted for plus-size options. Today the rockabilly look is still going strong with a host of online shops catering to the demands of this popular style. Punkabilly Clothing specializes in rockabilly dresses and swimwear for all sizes.


Form-fitting rockabilly dresses and pencil skirts abound at Daisy Dapper Retro Clothing and Doll Deluxe. Today there are even shops for children and babies rockabilly outfits, like Pigtails and Pirates in Australia. No matter the era, rockabilly clothing continues to inspire all generations to flaunt their style.